“The design philosophy for MEOTINE. is to create something that the modern woman would be able to wear for both every day but also for the special occasions that occur in life.” - Mathilde Sommer, Co-founder
MEOTINE. creates outerwear for every taste, something for the simple and classic woman and something for the woman that searches for something ferocious to wear. MEOTINE. believes that with the right jacket or coat you can pull anything off.
About us

Our Story

MEOTINE Was founded in 2014 by the siblings Mathilde Sommer and Mikkel Randrup that grew up North of Copenhagen. Their family had always been in the leather industry and that’s where the idea of creating MEOTINE. started with the intention of creating affordable leather and fur jackets for the sophisticated and chic woman. They’ve successfully created a brand that follows the newest trends in high quality jackets, and challenge the way that fur and leather jackets used to look like. The inspiration for MEOTINE. Are everyday happenings, memories from Mathilde and Mikkel’s childhood, by sudden impulse, art, people and the classic woman with a twist. MEOTINE. is rooted in Copenhagen, Denmark but live everywhere online.

Co-founder, Mikkel Randrup & Mathilde Sommer

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