• HI Meotine!

    Hope you are doing well!

    For starters, let me introduce myself. My name is Agnija Grigule and I am creative director and editor for creative agency & print/online magazine honeymoonhigh.com, photographer and as i have quite nice following on instagram – also *an influencer*. At the moment i am one of the leading bloggers in Baltics, but mostly my followers comes from USA, Russia, United Kingdom, Scandinavian countries. I saw your brand and i totally fell in love with your creations and i think it fits my style. Always making interesting stylings and shots, don’t like plain street snaps!
    Are you interested in working with me on barter basis?

    My Social Media accounts:
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/agnijagrigule/
    Tumblr: agnijagrigule.tumblr.com
    Online mag: honeymoonhigh.com

    Looking Forward,


  • Dear Sir,

    With this email, I’d like to inform our company;

    Company name is BEST OFFICE that suppliers we arrange with the brands to supply their garments as collection/prodcution since year 2004. Starting to make fabric researches as customer requests and directions, prepare samples / collection in right supplier who can make the best way for satisfied the brands and make quality control before shipping. We are checking and handle even step to inform our customers.
    In production time, when we got the orders we place the supplier , make samples for approval, order fabrics, arrange the trimmings, finish the production. After quality control we ship them. As the contacting with customers we can help them to find cheaper transporter. So we are responsible beginning of project until arriving to their door.

    Quantity; we dont have any quantity problem that we can do small orders to share information of fabric minimum.

    Type of garments; we do jersey, denim, coat, wool garments, silk garments , linen etc. All kind of textile garments we can produce. In the mean time, we do leather jackets, fur garments with small quantities.

    Our prices are competitive prices as our customers are satisfied.

    We work Scandinavian customers mostly. From Sweden we work with Army of me, Lou Lou from Denmark, Wackerhaus was also our customer.

    If you need a supplier WE’d like to give you service.

    Looking forward your reply.

    Best regards
    Ilknur Ertay

    Mobile: 00905332123569

  • Hello! meotine.com

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