Where did it all start?

I have been a huge fan of MEOTINE for quite a while – so it felt very natural to do this design collaboration. For me, it was very important to design wearable styles with a twist, and to make something you want to wear every time you walk out the door.

The coats reflect my style and personality in a colorful and playful way, which was my intention from the beginning of the design process. I’m beyond excited about the result and I really hope you will feel the same way.


The wool coat comes in two colour combinations – green/pink and blue/yellow. I love using contrasting colors but when using it together with a neutral colour like beige, you still make it wearable for people with less colour in their wardrobe. The odd combination makes it eye-catching and memorable – and it gives you so many opportunities to style it in different and fun ways.


The teddy coat is definitely a winter must-have. It comes in two lengths. I’m a huge fan of very long, heavy coats – and this will be my new true favourite winter coat and something I have been missing for years. Both teddy coats can be styled with everything you can imagine. From different patterns to the weirdest colour combinations you have ever seen. For me, this makes the coats classic, timeless and a must-have for your wardrobe.

Karo Teddy Jacket


My name is Karoline Dall and I’m a 25 years old fashion blogger from Denmark. I have been working with fashion for almost two years and have a history as a fashion assistant at the Danish fashion magazine Costume and as a stylist and fashion writer at Benjamin Creative. Today I’m a full-time influencer. I love playing with colours and patterns in a playful way, and I really hope people will get inspired by my universe and personal style.